Simplifying Employee Benefits

For small and large groups: each employee is provided a bucket of Benefit Credits to shop for insurance products via SASid's proprietary Insurance Marketplaces.

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New: Deductible Supplement Insurance

The Affordable Care Act has increased deductibles by 42%. Help your clients manage their increased out-of-pocket expenses.

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New: QHP Supplement Insurance

Qualified Health Plans have large gaps in coverage. Help your clients save money and fill gaps left by their ACA plan.

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Broker Smart Insurance Marketplace

The Opportunity is here... utilizing the Smart Insurance Marketplace you can make money and help people in today's reform environment. Includes: private health insurance exchange, supplement health products, dental, vision, and more...

Affinity Smart Insurance Marketplace

Are you an affinity organization or partner of one? The Smart Insurance Marketplace can help members quote, compare, and apply online for many insurance products including: Private Major Medical Exchange, Dental, Vision, and more...

Represent VALUE

VALUE is created based on clients needs and aggressive pricing. You will help more and sell more with the products which provide the most VALUE. SASid develops products which help people and provide solid results so you can keep them as a long term customer.


Nothing builds TRUST more effectively than a real-time, transparent, and accurate data reporting system. You have 24/7 access to important data such as quotes, applications, revenue, and more. From development to implementation - Transparency builds TRUST.


PASSION begins with the people. SASid employees are passionate about helping clients and partners in any way possible. We make insurance fun while providing top notch insurance solutions and service.


REVENUE is made when Value + Trust + Passion are achieved. The success of a SASid partnership is not only measured by the level of satisfaction our partners receive, but also the revenue that is generated. Providing valuable insurance services and solutions, through trust, while working with passionate people, will always bring revenue.


Are you looking for a long term relationship with a partner who needs YOU to succeed? With our partnership... YOU can help your customers with their insurance needs and increase your revenue.

How to Grow with us...

Developing insurance products which are simple to understand and purchase. Smart to have.

Broker Partnerships

Broker Partnerships

You can earn more, help others, bring value, and trust with our partnership.

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Affinity Partnershipsy

Affinity Partnerships

Valuable niche insurance programs for your membership. Exclusive. Discounted.

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Carrier Partnerships

Carrier Partnerships

Looking for a creative, smart, profitable and transparent partnership for your risk?

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